November 30th, 2016: Seth Halbeisen

Yep, that's Seth alright.Stepping in for the sickly (well, she has a cold, that counts, right?  She's a singer. Don't judge her.) Courtney Montgomery is the poet who will not fix your computer, Seth Halbeisen.  Aside from a funny last name (and funny first name, who are we kidding?), Seth also says funny stuff.  Sometimes.  He even writes funny stuff down, too.  Sometimes.

What we're saying is, he's going to be here, only more than usual because we're letting him blow past the usual 5 minute rule.  (Side note: Seth, it's just this week.  It's not carte blanche from now until we kill you for going over time every damn week, okay?)

Also, this is what happens when our friends let us write their bios for them after drunkenly (we're assuming a little here) accepting an offer to feature at a poetry reading without reading the fine print.

Consider yourself warned.