28/30: ...like it's 1999!

What were you doing in 1999?

Was it the summer you lived in Indiana?  The year you lost your job?  Were you in college or elementary?

There's a possibility you weren't even born yet (in that case... GET OFF MY LAWN!!!).  Think about what was going on in your life and in the lives of the people around you.  Y2K loomed over us all.  The End of Days may once again have been nigh.  Friends ruled the airwaves.  Oh, Smelly Cat.

Find something that happened.  Zoom in on it.  Find a moment that defined who you were, or who you were going to become.

If you weren't born yet, or were too young to find something you feel comfortable writing about, imagine yourself seeing your parents and what pre-you thought about them.  Talk to them about your life and how they can help you once you've been conceived.

Make some predictions about what your life will become.  Look at how differently things have become from what you thought they would be at that time.