25/30: Piiiigsss in Spaaaaaacccce!!!!!

So, add ...In Space to just about anything and it becomes more fun.

Pigs.  Janitors (see link below).  Taxidermist.  Serial Killers (Gordon Sumner, I'm talking to you).  The Doof Warrior.  Porn Stars.  Uncle John's Lucky Pegleg.

Pick one.  Make your own.  Anything and everything is more fun in space.

Write about it.  What's it (or they) doing in space?  Alternately, ignore the why and deal with the what.  What's going on.  Or steal a page from Douglas Adams and explore the whale coming to realize they're dropping through the air and begin evolving their ability to comprehend the world just before going splat.

Explore and don't think too much before you start writing.  Surprise yourself.


Oh and check out The Janitor in Space.  Surprising short fiction by Amber Sparks.