24/30: Oh, the Horror!

I keep being drawn back to my roots as a fan of "genre" related art.  Books, short stories, movies.  There's not a ton of genre-related poetry (that I've found).  So we're going to work on it.

Let's start with a horror poem.  Or at least one that deals with horror and/or its tropes.

Note, this doesn't mean it has to be a scary poem.  Even if it is, you set your own rules for the fashion in which it's scary.  Jump scares not required.

Pick a character archetype from horror movies: the Slasher, The Final Girl, the Cheerleader, the Nerd/Stoner, the Token Minority, the Best Friend/Nice Guy, Gordon Sumner (have you listened to Every Breath You Take?  Dude's a serial killer waiting to happen).

Write a poem about them, or from their perspective.  Bonus option: make them aware of their fate.  How does it feel to be victim number one?  Or the blissfully unaware (otherwise) side character?