6/30: Trivial Pursuit

Time to break out your Trivial Pursuit game.

Find a piece of trivia.  Write a poem where this trivia becomes essential to the exitence of the piece, or provides a doorway into the poem.

Find a way for it to become the heartbeat of the poem, the one fact that leads to a deeper understanding of something else.

You can lead off with it, or find it along the way.  It may take you a couple stabs at generating trivia, so here are a couple places to find them:

The Random Trivia Generator *hit Refresh to find more and more trivia*

Trivia of the Day *collections of trivia stretching back a faily long way*

119 Amazing Facts *some tidbits tossed together for National Trivia Day*


Who knew there was a National Trivia Day?

Also, check out A Whale's Heart by Mathew Minicucci.  I love his name.