5/30: Epi(t)graph(any)?

Whatever you call, it's that funny or pithy, or better than the poem it precedes quote we often get suckered into writing.

Like right now.

Find an epigraph.  Any epigraph will do (some examples below).

It can be serious, silly or anywhere in between.

One of my favorites is to grab some lines from a love song and take them literally.

Examples: "Everybody's got a hungry heart."  -Bruce Springsteen

"Oh darling my heart's on fire" -Passenger

"I can't take my eyes off of you.  I can't take my mind off of you." -Damien Rice

What if those were literally true?  Poor heart.  And ew, sorry honey, my eyes and mind are somehow stuck to you.  My bad.

Or go the opposite route.  

""I'm glad I didn't die before I met you,"  -Bright Eyes

"Darling, you look wonderful tonight." -Eric Clapton

"I knew I loved you before I met you." -Savage Garden

What if you met after you died?  Love song from a corpse to a coroner or EMT?  What is Clapton implying about the rest of the year?  What if he/she doesn't feel the same in return to whoever's sining carpool karaoke to Savage Garden?

If you need help finding one, check out Epigraphic.  It's searchable and seems to have a fair number of quotes to choose from.  Go crazy.