4/30: Maps

This is a vast over simplification of an exercise taught by Patricia Smith about a decade ago.  They don't even compare, but we need prompts.  So.

Choose an event or time in your life where a place played a prominent role.  Somewhere that almost qualifies as a character in your story, whether for good or bad.

Now make a map of this place.  It can be a literal map with streets and buildings, or you can map out the details of the place that make it stand out in your mind.

Include any and all details you can draw up from your memory.  They won't all go into the poem, but they'll feed into your rememberance of the place, make it more concrete in your head.

Write a poem based in this place.  It can be about the event, or just something that resonates with the place.  Maybe something simple or unrelated, but still affected by the memories.

Use those details and show the story, whatever story you choose to tell there.