27/30: Sorry, already!

We all feel like we're owed apologies, right?  I mean, somebody owes us for... well, you know.

Start with a list of people who owe you an apology, better yet, people who you think owe you apologies, whether or not they agree.  Be specific and remember, no slight is too large, or too small.  Start with the Electric Company, or your third grade teacher.  The girl who sneezed just as you were going to kiss her on your first date.  The guy who snorted and shook his head as you strutted in your new outfit through the mall.  The Ford Motor Company.  The world.  The entire year 1985.  The state of Ohio.  Bic pens.  Anybody who looks better in Levis than you do.  Sharks.  Fleas.  The letter Q.  Anything above geometry.

Yeah, this is going to feel good, isn't it?  Write that apology in poem form.  You owe yourself this much.  Make it good.

Take a look at My Apology from the World by Stan Sanvel Rubin over at Agni.