20/30: Modern Mythology

I seem to be drawn to mythology again and again this year.  Mythology on the brain, I guess.

Make a list of mythological creatures or characters.  Draw from a variety of mythologies.  Find one you can identify with in some way.  Not necessarily a reflection of yourself, but perhaps a reflection of some part of yourself, or something you'd like to see in yourself.  Dig a bit.  Valkyrie, Hercules, Frost Giants, Sif, Atheana, Bast, Redcaps, Seelie, Sirens.

Choose one and write a poem putting them in a modern environment.

Become a Muse in an airport lounge.  Thor in New Orleans after Katrina.  Zeus on a bend in Las Vegas.  Aphrodite working as a webcam girl.

See what draws you into their story.  If they're a god from an ancient pantheon, do they miss being worshipped?  Or is it a relief?  Maybe Hermes has grown old and is nowhere near the speedster he used to be.  Thoth overwhelmed by the age of the internet.  A minotaur lost on the freeway, unwilling to ask for directions.

Take a look at (or listen to) Kim Addonizio's Muse over at Poems Out Loud.