16/30: A little extra knowledge

They say a little knowledge goes a long way.  Think of some ways or situations you might know more about somebody.  Either somebody you know, or a stranger.  Perhaps even a group of strangers.

The knowledge doesnt need to be correct, or even real.  Job interviews, seeing somebody when they don't see you (maybe on a date, when they're actually married?), having just heard the latest gossip about them from a friend or family member, even having overheard something about them medically, which they don't realize you know.  Taken a step further, pehaps what you know comes from a dream, or maybe a sign you interpret in a certain way.  So many possibilities where we know something, or think we know something about other people.

Explore the way this knowledge might affect a meeting between you.  The tension, or assumptions taking place.  The way you might judge, or re-assess a person or jump to conclusions without them knowing.  Write your piece and explore the rough areas this might cause.

Check out Barbara Hamby's Ode to Untoward Dreams on her website.