14/30: An Explanation

Time to confess.  Own up to something you're not good at.  Or something you get self-conscious about for no reason.  Either one works.  Both.  Perhaps you're not the world's best parallel parker, or people turn to you when they want an example of how not to move furniture.  Maybe people still tell stories at your high school or college about when you tried out for the football or tennis team and the injuries which followed.

Simple or complex activities are welcome.

Now, explain to somebody why you're not good at this activity.  Allow thoughts about other things to intrude.  Perhaps you can put it into historical perspective to show why everybody should really be much worse at this thing than they really are, and you're the only one who sees it for how difficult it really is?  Maybe it's a family thing and you come from a long line of people who leave the toilet seat up?

Take a look at Mary Ruefle explaining Why I'm Not a Good Kisser over at Verse Daily.