13/30: That don't make no sense!

Make a list of characters from cartoons or shows you watched as a kid, people or things with powers (whether permanent or not), the more outlandish, the better.  

Break out their powers into a new list.  Super speed, ability to talk to fish (sorry, Aquaman, I'm looking at you), laser vision, drawing tunnels in the side of a mountain that works only for them, amazing cross-dressing (Bugs Bunny... seriously... go look it up), super fillable bag, super rising barber chairs... whatever.  Go crazy.  The more specific and outlandish, the better.

Start a poem where this power either exists, comes in handy, or find a way to relate it to something going on in the narrator's life.  Invisibility could come in handy.  Fish talking could be heartbreaking at the market.  You go the barber and suddenly you're in the clouds.

Explore.  See where it leads you.

Check out Cartoon Physics, part 1 by Nick Flynn at Poetry 180.