7/30: Speaking Another Language

Start with a list of professions that have their own vocabulary or terminology, or which you imagine must have their own vocabulary.  Pilots, mapmakers, baseball players (hell, every sports has its own set of jargon), police officers.  Don't worry too much about being correct.  Just people you imagine must deal with terms you don't deal with on an every day basis.  Taxi drivers, skateboarders, video gamers.  They're all correct.

Then make a list of relatively intimate situations.  Yes, sex, but also confessions, doctors visits (not just the gynecologist, but anything potentially life-threatening suddenly becomes a different kind of intimacy), lunch or dinner with friends, get trapped in an elevator with somebody... be inventive.

Write a piece using the jargon or terminology from your first list and applying it to your second list.

Take a look at Sharon Olds' Topography at the Writer's Almanac, then go write.