2/30: Take a Step Back

Make a list of disasters, large or small.  Big, small, nation-wide, international, personal or wide-spread, but it has to hurt, has to be catastrophic.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, loss of a loved one, break-ups, accidents.  Be specific.

Take a step back.  Find somebody who is distant from what has happened, or who isn't necessarily invested in what's going on around them.  The tow truck driver after a four car pile up, the janitor at a hospital after a shooting, an office worker in a building watching a bridge collapse, or the barista in a coffee shop after a break up.

Explore the distance.  Don't filter what has happened, just look at it from this other perspective.  Find a way into the tragedy from somewhere unexpected.


Read Patricia Smith's poem The President Flies Over at The Poetry Foundation and go write.