1/30: You Get What You Pay For

This is a relatively simple exercise, but with a little work, you can stretch the idea a bit.

Make a list of jobs you might hire somebody to perform, which require a fair amount of skill or copious amounts of labor.  Book binding, bicycle repair, satellite repair (not satellite TV), ...satellite tv repair (why not?), grave digging, map making, embalming... get a little crazy.  Find some that surprise you or make you laugh.


Now, imagine what would happen if you hired a poet to do that job, because you just did.

Don't limit yourself.  Take the idea and run.  It could be spectacular to see this occupation through a poets eyes.  Or a spectacular failure.  Perhaps a bit of both?


Alternately, you could hire a musician, painter, trapeze artist or anything else you really want if it stirs an idea.


Check out David Shumate's If You Hire a Poet to Draw a Map at Verse Daily, then get writing.