1/30: Faerie Tales Revisited

Ok, starting out easy.  Write down a list of five relationships (father, grandchild(ren), lover, wife, mechanic, 2nd cousin, pet chihuahua, whatever).  Just one person in the relationship, but specific about how they're related to another person.  Doesn't need to be familial.


Next write down a list of people from a faerie tale (Gretel, Rapunzel, the Big Bad Wolf, one of the three pigs[bonus if you can remember a name], Sleepy, etc.)


Look at your lists and pick out two that have some creative friction.  Something that makes you go hm... wonder what they think about what happened in this faerie tale.  Depending on the relationship, write either them revisiting what happened, or an outsider's point of view of what is happening or what they think is happening.


Check out this poem from Boxcar Poetry Review by Amorak Huey or this one by Anne Sexton.