30/30: ...and, done!

Ok, end of this is the end.  Time to give your brain a break.


So we're going to make it easy.  Start with an epigraph.  Make a list of random quotes you enjoy, or that you find.  You can go here to find a random quote generator from some fun tv shows, here for a random quote generator from all over the place, or here if you want to go slightly highbrow.


That's it.  Go write a poem.  It can kinda jump out from there.  Start a conversation with your quote.  Make it a non sequitir in a conversation.  Try to figure out the meaning or context of the quote or decontextualize it completely and see what happens.


Then go nap.


Check out Albert Goldbarth's piece (complete with epigraph) right here.


Congratulations if you made it this far!