29/30: Look a little closer

Language is all around us.  Take look at things around your house or apartment for labels.  Small snippets of language are waiting for you.  Make a list of five things that catch your eye.  Fragments of sentences, short hand reminders, anything that waves its hands at your brain when you wander by.  Perishable, Use By, Store in Cool Dry Place, Best By, Childproof, Pop Top.


Pick one and write a piece that explores the idea of the snippet of language as applied to other things in your life or in the world.  What if we all had to be Stored in Cool Dry Places, or we knew what our Best By date was?  How does One Size Fits All apply to your everyday life?  Go ahead, take it out of context, re-contextualize it, go crazy.  See what you find.


Check out Jane Hirshfield's ideas about Perishable items here.