27/30: FINALLY an ode

I know, we've been waiting this long, might as well give it a shot.

First, make a list of five things you ode could be about.  Something you like, or which is present in your life on a regular basis.  Something every day, yet brings you joy or happiness or just drew your attention right now when we mentioned this exercise in the first place.  Soap, scrambled eggs, coke machines, your laptop, a bikini, the local 7-11.

Now, make a list of five prepositions other than the word to.  In, on, about, atop, under, behind, etc.

Ok, match up a pair and go for it.  Your ode could be inside something, or behind something, or even around something.  You aren't necessarily praising the item itself, but the item will definitely inform your piece.


Take a look at Sarah Grieve's ode about wearing a bikini here.