26/30: Show me on the doll...

Make a list of five cartoons and/or toys from your childhood.  Beloved things.  Thing which we could never ruin with a simple writing exercise.  Ever.  The Peanuts, Transformers, Barbie (yeah, I know, right?), Rainbow Brite.  Don't worry, nothing bad will happen here.


Now, make a list of five things which could be considere deviant behavior.  Kinky, unusual, strange.  Swinging, BDSM, Fetishism, Furries.  Nothing to see here.  Keep on moving.


Match up two of these which have something potentially in common, or which seem to speak to each other somehow.  Match up a character from one to the behavior from the other.


Don't worry yet, it hasn't gotten weird yet.


Now, take the two things you have and morph them together, meaning, make the deviant act something possible only through the unique nature of the person or the universe of the cartoon or toys.  Stretch the imagination here.  For example, for say... Barbie and Ken crossdressing they could swap heads somehow, or for the Transformers and BDSM the mind just boggles (though all kinds of other kinds are easy to imagine with them), the Smurfs swinging is too easy since there's only one Smurfette, but the challenge here is to find something humanizing and uplifting in all this kink.  Find some way to make it not only a redeeming quality, but somehow strangely beautiful and/or erotic.  Two toys mashing their junk together is easy, making it somehow touching... well, good luck with it.


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