23/30: Ouch

Time to dig into the history again.


First, make a list of five things you do for pleasure, or that would be a welcome distraction and/or provide a lift.  Lying in a hammock, surfing, taking a hike with friends, curling up with a favorite book, whatever.  Something that you know brings you up.


Make a list of five times you or somebody you knew desperately needed a break.  Whether emotional, physical, financial or whatever.  After getting fired, during a breakup/divorce, post surgery, when you were on the verge of a burn out, or possibly after.


Pick two that have a bit of distance between them somehow or that don't quite match up.  Write a poem, and flavor it with characteristics from the second list.  Let the two collide and bounce apart.  Not only let the second list intrude, but shade and color the thoughts of the first list.


Take a look at Brian Turner's stab at resting here.