22/30: Whoa, what?

Start with a list of five things you're afraid.  Can be specific (the guy in Apartment C with the dobermans and the drinking problem), non-substanial (the dark) or over-arching life type stuff (being forgotten, ending up alone, living in fear).  Reach and dig.


Now, make a list of things and/or people you wouldn't think would/could/should feel fear.  Dobermans.  Dead people.  Undertakers.  Big lazy cats.  The minotaur (damn, didn't we start the month with him?).  Bill Gates.


Pick two and match them up.


Show what they fear.  What keeps them up at night.  Grind away at that fear and see what you find.


Take a look at Kim Addonizio's poem about what dead folks fear here.