21/30: You call this intimacy?

So we're here to examine intimacy in some way.


With a telescope.


Make a list of five intimate moments, times when your guard is let down, whether it's with your lover, spouse, friend, mistress, even boss or therapist.  Poist coital, long distance good nights, last moments on the radio before you try disarm a nuclear device (wasn't that in The Abyss?), moments before somebody's wedding (not yours?).  A moment in time when you are completely alone and honest with another living being.


Now, make a list of things that might distance you from another person.  You see where this is going.  Somebody's been cheating, somebody's been thinking about somebody else, somebody died, there's history that's been broached, somebody just got arrested for indecent exposure.


Pick two, mix them up and go to town.


Check out Stephen Dunn's look at post-love making non bliss here.  Or see Jeffrey McDaniel's short but amazing work here.