20/30: Bedtime Stories

Time to tell a story.


Make a list of items of bad news from the past ten years.  Try to pick things at least a year or more older.  Fires, accidents, shootings, things that aren't as fresh in the blood and you can be slightly objective about.  They can and should cut deep, but let's give ourselves some perspective.


Now, make a list of people you might not normally see at bedtime.  Could be friends, family, ex-lovers, historical or fantastical people.  Go crazy.  Napoleon (Bonaparte or Dynamite), the President (your choice), Dave Matthews, Achilles.  Whatever.


Now, pick one from each list and put them together.  Write a bedtime story to your person.  Soothe them.  Make them feel everything's going to be okay.  Refer to the story tangentially, as if you're not sure they heard about it, or aren't sure about how much they know yet.


Check out Lisel Mueller's poem here.