19/30: Tiny Cruelties

Make a list of five people who care about you, or you care about (not always the same thing), either past, present or future.  Emotional baggage of some kind is all that is required.  Lovers, friends, family, idols, Beliebers, whatever.

Now, make a list of betrayals you've committed.  Doesn't need to be big.  In fact, aim for the small, delicate sins if you can.  Stealing the last donut, leaving the toilet seat up at night, buying their favorite cookies while they're on vacation and eating them on the phone every time they call.

Match up two of them and write.  Tread the fine line between love and cruelty.  Allow yourself to enjoy it, but don't gloat.  Balance the positive and negative as long as possible.

See two very different takes on the idea here, from William Carlos Williams, or here from Aimee Nezhukumatathil (scroll down to Small Murders).