18/30: Unexplained

Random occurrences, subtly shocking happenings, they happen to us all the time.


Ever have something happen to, or around you that felt unexplained, or might be the start of a larger story?


Write down a list of them.  Things that have unsettled you or just left you scratching your head.  Like a kid asking to bum a cigarette, the kid in 7th grade who punched you in the back of the head for no reason, or the woman you saw standing in the doorway of a Taco Bell bathroom weeping as you drove by.


Strange stories, sure, but what happened?


Pick one of them and give it some context.  Imagine the rest of the story, or something that might have happened.  Supply details to round out this tale of woe and the supernatural.  Or whatever you end up with.


Check out Rachel McKibben's gut punch poem here.