17/30: History of the World, Part I

Why think small?


Write down a list of five phases of your life, or things which have defined you in some way over the course of your life.  Dark things, not light.  Mistakes you've made, decisions you're regretted, get a little grungy here.  The drunken partyer, the heartbreaker, the years spent in a cubicle staring at the walls while the world flew by.


Pick one from the list and write your own creation mythos.  Make it lovely, epic.  Find the light in the dark parts of your history and let it shine.  Explain what you lived through and how it shaped you, find it lyrically or elliptically.  It doesn't need to be a straightforward narrative (though it can be).  Aim big and see what comes out.


See Marty McConnell's tale of creation at Drunken Boat here.