16/30: This is not an Ode

Let's get that straight, first.  An Ode is defined as being an exaltation or celebration.  This exercise can be, but it's not limited to those two.

There.  It's been said.

Today, we're going to talk about traveling. 

First make a list of five places you've been.  Doesn't need to be Monaco (though if you've been there... good job), or Paris (again... ah, Paris).  Places you've physically visited.  The 7-11 at the corner of Harbor and 1st in Santa Ana counts, but I hope you've found more to visit in life.

Next, make a list of the small details of traveling... things that make it fun, or possible, and are potentially overlooked.  Hotel showers, the mints on your pillow, the way hotel staff fold the toilet paper after cleaning, complimentary peanuts from the airline, a quick grope from a friendly TSA agent.  Whatever.  Details.  Things that come to mind during travel.


Pick two of them, and write an exploration of the thing you've picked, hopefully within the context of traveling to the place you've listed.  Let them inform each other.  See what happens... it does not have to be lyric, or an ode or even happy about the detail.


See Roddy Lumsden's exploration of hotel showers here.