7/30: Bring out yer dead!

People say most poetry is about either sex or death.  Or both.  We've done sex already, so time for death to rear its skull.


Make a list of five visually striking manners of dying, or scenes where a death has taken place.  Not gory, but something about it would strike you visually, either in the surroundings or how it happened.  Reach for some sort of beauty, even if it's a bit morbid.  Examples: a beach at sunset after somebody has drowned, a dark stretch of freeway with cars on fire, a man who's hung himself from a telephone pole, a body discovered at a landfill with seagulls swarming the sky.


Then make a list of five reasons people would either kill themselves, or last thoughts that might have flashed through their heads as they died.  Random bits of their lives, last regrets, long held grudges.  Examples: husband/wife running off with another woman (or man), texting while driving 90 mph through Kansas, random image of Mary Kopecki in her bra just before she passed out drunk, "I really should stop smoking... one of these days."


Match up the pair with the most twisted logic.  There should be a throughline between the two, but so often, the things we think matter to everyone around us, seem trivial in the end.


Go write.


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