6/30: The inner lives of fish

Start with a list of five unfullfilled ambitions.  Could be idle fantasies, childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut.  Something with a sense of yearning or longing.  Examples: wanted to be an astronaut (didn't see that one coming, huh?), visiting every state in the nation, living in Paris for at least a year, taking a bike tour of Hawaii including island hopping for less than $500, or dating a swedish bikini model.


Now, make a list of five iconic people or characters.  Larger than life.


Match up two that seem to head in opposite directions.  The biggest secrets are usually the ones you don't really see coming.


Write a poem about that character or person's unfulfilled dreams.  See what they think about them.


Check out this series of poems by Megan Giddings from Ghost Ocean Magazine for some creative ideas.