5/30: Da Godpigeon

Oh yeah, three part exercise.  Hell yeah.


Start with a list of five people, things, characters or even mythological creatures/beings that you feel don't have enough of a voice, or aren't represented very often.  Examples: Succubi, early 20th century abolitionists, pigs, taxidermists, Hufflepuff magi (who the hell even got sorted for those losers?), Redshirts, copier technicians.


Next, make a list of familial relationships. Blood ties are preferred, but not necessary.  Examples: son, daughter, brother, grandfather, step sister.


Grab the two that seem to have a bit of creative friction and match them up.


Now, take that pair and create either an ongoing or imminent threat to one or more of them.  Something major, though not necessarily life-threatening.  It should carry weight.  Could be a career change, or surgery.  Something specific to your list of people and/or things.


Write a poem examining this relationship under those circumstances hanging over them.


Check out this poem by Sarah Kain Gutowski from The Gettysburg Review for inspiration or because hey, it's fun to click links!