4/30: Dream a little dream

Dreams can really mess with your head.  They can be disjointed, non-sensical, even offensive to our waking minds.  Yet somewhere in there, our mind tells us that it all makes sense somewhere, on a level we just haven't grasped, even with our strangest encounters with our subconscious.


Write a list of the five most vivid/memorable dreams you can remember.  Especially dreams you may have had as a child.  Just a quick sketch of what happened or made them stick out in your mind, whether it's an image, or the narrative or whatever it is that makes it stick in your mind.


Next, write a list of five changes or stages in your life.  It could be major or a subtle change, but something where either a decision had to be made, or a change occurred as a result.  Examples: getting married or divorced, birth of a child, moving to another city, finding a new career or the death of a loved one.


Match up two that feel a bit raw when they sit next to each other.  Write so that the experience is informed or filtered through this dream.  Don't ask questions, just let them run over each other and see what happens to them.  Examples: running from a train in slow motion on the way to the birth of your first child, falling into a new city, let the dream about blimps say something about the day you were born, zombies in the workplace and they're all watching you.


Check out this poem by Erin Miller in Arsenic Lobster for some crazy dream imagery.