3/30: What did you just do to my childhood?

Ok, first off, make a list of five beloved things from your childhood.  Leave room for a few entries below each thing you list.  These could be toys, games, characters from a comic strip.  Something iconically childhood related in your eyes.  Examples: Any character from the Peanuts, Hula Hoops, A favorite park, Stretch Armstrong, Robotech, a character from My Lil' Pony.


Go through your list and make a list below each of these entries about three to four ways you can deal with each of these that feels like a subtle transgression against your childhood.  Something that's just wrong enough to make you feel uncomfortable, but won't make the neighbors call the police.  Examples: Charlie Brown in a strip club (I'm looking at you G. Murray Thomas), getting excited by the motion of a hula hoop, finding a dead body at Griffith Observatory, Tiny's Dream Date with Yellow Dancer. 


Pick the one that makes you go "Oh, really?" and make that squishy face the most.


Go write.


Check out this lesson in Hula Hooping by Elsbeth Pancrazi from Paperbag.