2/30: Wait, what?

Ok, so let's work on some things that don't mix.


First, make a list of five intellectual subjects/topics.  Be specific (the effects of Carl Jung meeting Freud, vs. the broader topic of philosophy).  Check out ismythesishotornot.com there are some fun subjects up there... and some just strange ones.  Examples: the Magna Carta (or specific parts of the Magna Carta), the value of the Meyer-Briggs Index in psychoanalysis, reflections of culture in daily fashion, whatever... go crazy, but be specific.


Next, make a list of five situations/gatherings that involve overt physicality.  They can involve thought, but the emphasis should be physical.  Examples: wrestling meet, laying blacktop, white water rafting, an orgy, crab fishing.


Pick two that are on opposite ends of the spectrum and provide you some creative friction or just blows your head open with the improbability of those two ever combining.  Ever.


Now, make them work together.  Either have a discussion of one at the other, or have it loom over the event as some kind of shadow.  Maybe two life-long rivals who've argued over the subject run into each other at the event.  Create a narrative and see where it leads you.


Check out Bob Hicock's Poem to the life force for some inspiration or to see where I lifted this idea.