Alyssa Burrows

Alyssa Burrows is a six-foot, 195lb. Amazon poet with an attitude to
match her stature. She describes herself as a cross between Lenny Bruce and
Charles Bukowski. Wit, filthy language and cold, blunt truths are her
tools. She writes about sex, emotions in relation to sex, the lack of
social graces, hostility, and the apocalypse -- but luckily she is a
comedic poet -- and her biting, acerbic wit and so-dry-it's-sucking sarcasm
will make you laugh so hard you'll lose the contents of your bladder and be
grateful for it. Her last performance, she was so hot, the place burned
down in a two-alarm fire. (5/18/2001)

 She is a Seattle native who went to college in Bellingham. Her book, Light
Blue is a Sissy Colour, has sold over 1500 copies by word of mouth. She
continues to accumulate reams of poems for her next collection of poetry
while she seeks funding for publication. It is tentatively titled: "You
heard Me."

 She has recently returned from a European tour with readings in London,
Bristol, Edinburgh and Liverpool, where, for effect, she twanged up her
accent "real good."

To read some of her poetry, please visit...